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Speakers at the mhdf forum

Addressing the most current and pressing subjects through our CPD-certified seminars.

Speakers at the mental health and dementia facilities forum 2021

“Accommodating dementia & mental health behind prison walls ”

Nick Dann, Head of Mobilisation, HMPPS

The presentation is aimed at how the new build prisons are designed to support an ever ageing prison population and the associated health problems from such a population. It will explore how the design was developed to account for this population within the living and communal spaces.

Working Holistically in Mental Health”

Sadia Ahmad, Community Outreach Worker, Maytree Respite Centre

Maytree will be speaking about the importance of conditions and environment in the service we offer. We will also talk about the uniqueness of the holistic approach we take, and how we differ from medical services for suicidal people.

“Care industry in the future”

Dana O’Donnell, Senior Interior Design, Blueleaf 

The role of the Blueleaf design department is to create environments which are safe, functional and esthetically appealing for the residents, the resident’s families and the carers. Over the past few months, a “weakness” in the basic design layout of care homes has unfortunately become very prevalent and needs to be urgently addressed. This will now have a massive impact on the way we the designers must approach our designs, taking into account what we have learned about the transfer of germs from person to person and the severity of the consequences if not managed correctly.

“…even as things are able to start getting back to normal, they won’t be back to normal.” 

“Eradicating the stigma associated with Dementia design”

Becky Smith, Architect, Leonard Design Architects

Our speech will focus on the common dissatisfactions associated with the UK standard of dementia design and how a ‘one size solution’ (as is commonly reflective of most UK nursing homes) does not fit all. Using inspiration from the world’s most recognised award winning dementia villages and homes, we assess how the stigma associated with nursing homes can be eradicated to provide purpose built care environments which speak about life and living not simply about the demand for nursing beds. We will touch upon Church Farm Care’s model of living and dementia care and reflect how this is comparable to some of the world’s best examples. We will also briefly discuss the design elements of the two care homes we have worked on together which are paving the way for a new exemplar dementia design model in Nottinghamshire.

“Managing E&F Efficiency and Effectiveness Throughout COVID”

Mark Johnston-Wood BSc MRICS FIoD, Managing Director, Estate Strategy Group Ltd

The audience will recognise the dynamic and reactive nature of many E&F environments, and the additional challenges as the result of COVID. This presentation promotes a structured approach to improving/maintaining efficiency and effectiveness within the E&F despite COVID and includes how Mark worked with NHSI to provide support at national level, and how that support will continue.

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