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Speakers at the mhdf forum 2021

Addressing the most current and pressing subjects through our CPD-certified seminars.

Speakers at the mental health and dementia facilities forum 2021

Cath Lake, Director

‘Successful Stakeholder Engagement – what does “good” look like?’

Cath Lake, Director, P+HS Architects

More and more people are becoming time-poor. But engaging in the right way is still key to any successful project, be it a new design or a new way of working. Making the process accessible to everyone has evolved using varied tools to ask the right questions of the right stakeholders, so that everyone’s voice is heard.

“Lovely vs Ugly: Where is the interface between beauty and safety in mental health design?”

Karen Flatt, Architect – Studio Director – Mental Health Lead, IBI Group

 This talk will explore the historical learning curve of mental health architecture and product design and pose the question of whether safety is now more important than beauty in mental health building design. When creating secure and therapeutic environments there is a balance between creating a therapeutic homely space and reducing risk to create safe spaces but have we gone too far in reducing the risks and overlooked the therapeutic benefits of beauty?

“Creating a Centre of Excellence for Forensic Services” 

Paul Yeomans, Director, Medical Architecture. 

The redevelopment of Northgate Hospital, Morpeth, brings together all of the Trust’s secure services from currently dispersed sites, consolidated into a single integrated secure centre of excellence.

Designed around the concept of a ‘village campus’, the new medium secure hospital at the heart of the development, offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor settings for relaxation and activity, to provide a meaningful day for patients. These settings range from bedrooms to living spaces, and sheltered gardens to open courtyards, with opportunities for both structured and unstructured activity and sports. The environment has been designed to relieve boredom and lower the risk of challenging behaviours and poor physical health.

“Virtual Dementia Tour”

Glenn Knight, Chief Executive Officer, Training 2 Care. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour is the only medically and scientifically proven method to provide delegates with an experience of what it might be like to live with dementia.

Training 2 Care is the leading UK provider of experiential training courses, and this presentation will give you information about how we deliver The Virtual Dementia Tour to delegates from all backgrounds, and how putting them into the shoes of someone living with dementia so they can feel, see and hear the world just as someone with dementia may do as well, can benefit you and your organisation.

“When Art shape the Healthcare Facility Design, what would be the impact on Quality Improvement!!”

Amr Metwally, Assistant Executive Director – Itqan Clinical Simulation Center, Hamad Medical Corporation

The presentation is aiming to develop consensus around important of Artwork in designing a unique Healing Environment for patient safety issues to be considered during various stages in the healthcare design process and to identify key activities, methodologies, and tools for improving the Mental Health Facility design. 

During presentation we will demonstrate recent project ” Daam Specialized Care Center” as perfect example where Art embedded in the design process since the beginning, and wasn’t consider as merely decoration, but rather as one important pillar that shape the whole building design internal/external and act as main element that interact, affect and affected by other healthcare design considerations.

The impact of such important and bold design decision was initially measured through Clinical team/patients/family meetings at design stage, during construction and even after building completion, and it was found that it is measurably increases Patient and employee satisfaction; Patient, visitor, and employee perception of quality of care; and Brand recognition.

“CAMHS Edinburgh, a user-led approach:

designing a playful space for mental healthcare for, and with, young people”

James Christian, Director & Megan Charnley, Director, Projects Office

London architecture studio Projects Office worked with young patients, NHS staff, parents and carers to design the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) unit at the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People.

The colourful, playful and practical new facility, which comprises outpatient facilities for 5-18 year olds and an inpatient unit for 12-18 year olds challenges assumptions about how healthcare environments should look and feel. Directly inspired by conversations with patients, parents and staff, the space was conceived as part of the toolkit for mental health care: a third space which is neither hospital nor home, but a healing space with its own unique identity.

Projects Office Directors James Christian and Megan Charnley will present an overview of their user-led approach, design methodology and final interior scheme. They will share key learnings from this project, which demonstrates that pushing expectations of NHS clinical environments can deliver bold, unconventional and successful spaces within tight budgets.

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